Siena, Pisa, and finally Seville

Hello from Spain! Oh my gosh do I have so much to tell y'all! And now that I finally have working internet and a power cord, I have time to blog and post pictures to my heart's content, yay! So down to business, recap of the past three days and man have I been busy...
Monday, we took the train from Florence to Siena for a nice relaxing day trip exploring the town. I had been to Siena once before eight years ago and I remember absolutely loving it, the second time around was even better! We walked from the train station to the Piazza del Campo, the main square. It was kind of a long walk and definitely not for the faint of heart, but a great way to see beautiful Siena and some great views of the Tuscan country side. Now the Piazza del Campo is the most famous square in Siena because it is where the famous Siena horse races take place! It is also a beautiful square in itself and a great place to hang out. We had pizza (obviously) for lunch before wandering over to one of Siena's great churches, Catedral de Siena. I must say, this was one of the most beautiful churches I have ever visited. It was gaudy and over the top, but it all worked so well together and made an absolutely stunning cathedral. From here, we wandered back to the train station and made our way back to Florence for our last dinner in Italy and packing.
Catedral de Siena
Hanging out in Piazza del Campo
Last pizza in Italy :( 
Because we were flying out of Pisa instead of Florence (apparently the Florence airport is not very popular because it is very difficult to find flights), we decided to make a day trip of it and take the train to Pisa in the morning, visit the tower and the Cathedral, before heading to the airport. The morning went really well. We took the train to Pisa and then walked from the train station to the Leaning Tower and the Cathedral. These are two very interesting sights, but once you have seen them, you are kind of done. Anyways, we took our tourist pictures, had pasta and cannolis for lunch, and then made our way to the airport. Sadly, we once again had plane trouble and had to wait in the very small Pisa airport for seven hours before we could board the plane. However, we finally made it to Spain safe and sound! 
Last meal in Italy! 

Pisa Cathedral with the Leaning Tower in the background
Today was day one in Seville, and my first day in Spain ever. It is kind of weird that I have visited a lot of obscure countries, but never Spain. It has already been very different from what I expected. Seville in general doesn't really feel like a European city. This might be because it isn't a huge city or maybe it's just Spain, but either way, it is different and a new adventure to be conquered. This morning we just took it easy, because we got in so late last night. Once we eventually got our acts together and left the flat, we wandered over to the city center to visit Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede de Sevilla aka the Seville Cathedral. Ok, I have been to a lot of churches, but this was by far the biggest church I have ever been to. It puts most other churches I have seen to shame. When the Spanish built it, they were not kidding about trying to be the best Catholic Monarchs. The Cathedral is amazing and a must see in Seville. Sadly, the main altar was being repaired so we weren't able to see it. However, there is so much else to see inside the church, that it was ok- they even have a Goya painting! After exploring the church, we climbed the bell tower for some amazing views of Seville. From here we went to lunch and then a long, relaxing siesta. Siesta was invented in Spain for a reason and they definitely take it seriously! Ironically, we had Mexican, not Spanish, food for dinner and then back to the flat to relax.
Tomorrow is going to be a quiet day because it is supposed to storm here. Instead of braving the weather, I think we are all going to take some time to ourselves and work on papers and homework assignments before exploring the Seville Palace in the afternoon! XO
View of Seville from the bell tower

In the Orange Courtyard outside the Cathedral

Part of the Cathedral and the Bell Tower

Rooftop of the Cathedral- pretty massive right?! 

A quick look inside the Cathedral despite the construction