Florence Part 2 Day 1- Plane Delays and Pizza

Hello readers and happy Friday! I hope you have gad a good week and are having a great day so far. Today was my first day in Florence for my second break! But man, was it a struggle to get here! Our flight was supposed to leave Heathrow yesterday at 3 pm. Plans ended up changing dramatically though, because either a truck ran into our plane or our plane ran into a truck! Instead, we got to spend 4 more hours in the airport before flying to Bologna, taking a bus to the Florence airport, then taking a cab to our air bnb flat. All in all, it was a long day full of adventures.
Our first plane with a truck wedged under it
Sadly, last night we didn't get in until 2 am so this morning, we slept in. Then we wandered over to the Duomo for pizza and a view of the cathedral. We continued to wander around the old city center shopping and eating gelato until it was time for siesta aka nap time! Then we ventured out again for a nice relaxing dinner (I had gnocchi with tomato sauce and mozzarella and a cannoli for dessert!).
Jill and I enjoying our afternoon gelato!  
Our view from our cafe at dinner 
View of the river as we tried to find someplace to eat :) 
Tomorrow, we have even more fun adventures planned- we are going to take the train on a day trip to Sienna! I am very excited because I love Sienna and it will be fun to explore a different area. I am already so excited for this vacation! We are going to be in Florence until Tuesday when we are flying to Seville, Spain. We are ending the week in Granada before flying home on Sunday. It is going to be so fun to explore new places and I've never been to Spain! More to come in the next couple of days and I will take more pictures tomorrow! XO