Prague in 56 hours, the tourist way

Wow, Prague is awesome- I forgot how much I loved old cities. Even though London is an old city, you don't always get that old world feel. However, you definitely get it in Prague with all of the cobblestone streets and St. Vitus Cathedral looking down from the hill top. I also thought Prague was a little overrated, but it really does some have beautiful sights!
Friday, we woke up extremely early to see the sun rise from the Charles Bridge. There was too much cloud cover to see the sun, but we were the only ones on the bridge! It was amazing. If you have ever been to Prague, you know how busy the Charles Bridge is with tourists, vendors, and artists. It was quite a feat that we were the only ones there. From the Bridge, we walked up the hill to the Prague Castle complex. Of course, on the way we had to stop at a Starbucks for our daily caffeine fix :) Don't judge me, there weren't any local cafes open yet! We didn't actually go into the castle, but walked around the complex and explored the Cathedral before making our way back to the flat. Friday night, we watched the first episode of House of Cards Season 2. If you don't already watch House of Cards, put it on your to-do list because it is one of the best written shows out there.
Yesterday, we were super touristy and went on a walking tour. We started in the Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock. Everyone says that the clock is an over glorified attraction and I agree that the puppet show isn't anything too exciting. However, what the clock actually can do is amazing. It measures time in there different ways, date, astrological symbol, and vernal equinox- pretty awesome considering that 3/4s of the parts are original. Anyways, we walked from the Old Town Square to the New Town square, then the Jewish Quarter. It was a really great to see the city and all of the sights. After the tour, we dropped by the Lennon Wall and then crashed at a cafe for caffeine and crepes. For dinner, we went to a beer hall and had traditional Czech food, which was really fun! Now, I am on a train to Budapest! We will not even be in Budapest for 24 hours, but it should be awesome and I can't wait to go to Pisa from there! XO
The Charles Bridge right after sunrise

View of St. Vitus Cathedral from the Charles Bridge 

View of Prague from Prague Castle 

St. Vitus Cathedral

The Astronomical Clock