Our first full day in Rome

St. Peter's Dome

The altar in St. Peter's Basilica

School of Athens by Raphael 

Pieta by Michelangelo 

We found these awesome orange trees in one of the Vatican courtyards! 

Our view of the Pantheon at dinner 
Hello! I have so much to talk about! So Wednesday, we took the fast train from Florence to Rome, and man was it cool! The seats were so comfy and a trip that normally takes two plus hours only took an hour and a half- it was lots of fun :) Once we arrived in Rome, we grabbed some paninis for lunch and went to our Air BnB flat. I must say, Kenz did a great job finding our flat because we are a stone's throw away from the Pantheon! We just hung out Wednesday afternoon, took our regular siesta, and then found a lovely restaurant down the street for dinner. It was an amazing first big meal...we had bruschetta, spaghetti bolognese, and four cheese gnocchi! We even grabbed some gelato on the way home :) All around a great day.
Yesterday was a very busy day. We woke up pretty early and walked over to the Vatican. We spent almost all day in the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica. The Vatican Museums were chock full of stuff- it was a never ending labyrinth of history, which was a lot of fun. We even saw Raphael's School of Athens and it was absolutely breathtaking! Fun fact about Raphael, he was left handed :) Sistine Chapel was amazing and a must see when visiting Rome, but sadly they don't allow pictures so I can't show you any...more motivation for you to come visit it your self! Anyways, we ended with the Basilica, which is an amazing piece of architecture. They used all of this colored marble inside and it looks amazing. It was very cool to see the Pieta and all of the other amazing art inside. In addition, there were musicians practicing in the balconies so we were serenaded with this beautiful music while we were walking around. 
The Vatican is definitely an all day attraction. We got there around ten (definitely buy your tickets online, it will save you a world of pain) and left around three. Of course we didn't actually get home till 4-ish because we got extremely lost, but it was a fun adventure. We just hung out until dinner and then ate at this adorable restaurant in the Pantheon square. We had an amazing view and it was fun to people watch. I also had some of the best tiramisu I have ever had! 
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