How to...rock fur

Hey guys! I was feeling inspired and decided to write a "how to" post for the Her Campus blog I write for. My editor decided she didn't need the article so I thought I would post it here! Enjoy xo

How to… rock fur
Fur used to only be for the very wealthy upper crust and for a while, it was a taboo. However, fur is back and easy for everyone to rock! You definitely don’t have to wear real fur- that is a personal decision ethically and fiscally, but either way fake fur is just as cool and warm. So here are some tips on how to incorporate fur into your wardrobe in fun and easy ways!

Tip 1: Wear a fur vest as another layer instead of a cardigan. First of all, if you are going to wear fur, I would definitely go with a vest. They are super easy to wear and they aren’t overwhelming. If you are having trouble finding ways to wear your vest, just pretend it is a cardigan! Throw it on over a button down with a scarf and spruce up a regular outfit.

Tip 2: Wearing fur as a cardigan is a great first step and amazing for transitioning in fall and spring. However, what should you do when it gets colder? Easy, throw a coat on over your fur. It will act as an extra layer of warmth, and because it is only a vest, it won’t be uncomfortable under your coat.
Tip 3: If wearing the vest as an extra layer under your jacket isn’t your thing, or isn’t comfortable, put your fur over your jacket! I normally try and make the bottom layer about the same length as the top layer or not too much longer. This would be another good trick for transition periods, where you don’t necessarily want that thick coat, but you want another layer.

Tip 4: Fur can be a great way to dress up an outfit. It is very easy to say that fur is only formal or laid-back. However, there is a definite in-between. Whether going to work or out to a nice dinner, a fur vest can be the perfect layer to add that extra oomph to an outfit. Fur very nicely offsets sequins and patterns. It would also be easy to belt over a maxi dress.

Tip 5: You don’t only have to wear fur as a layer of warmth. It can also be a great accessory. You could have a fur pom-pom on a hat, fur detail on a coat or gloves, or a fur hat. Either way the fur adds that little bit of edgy luxury to any outfit!