Firenze Day Two

First cup of tea in Italy and it was pretty awesome

Pizza for brunch :) 

With some awesome lions outside Uffizi Gallery

View of the Arno from Uffizi Gallery

Rocking outfit in Firenze

Remember that boar from Greenville? This is the original

Firenze Duomo

Probably the best carbonara I have ever had
Firenze (aka Florence) day two and man was it cool! We had a little bit of a lazy morning, but isn't that the point of vacation? We wandered around and decided to have our morning caffeine with some pizza in the Piazza del Duomo. For a cup of tea in a coffee drinking country, my tea was surprisingly good and they even offered me lemon, my favorite! 
The night before, while skyping my family, my dad mentioned that February 18, our second day in Firenze, was the 450th anniversary of Michelangelo's death. Now if know anything about Michelangelo, you will know that Florence was his city and the Florentines take full credit for him. Knowing this, my dad said there might be some kind of memorial or something, and man ways he ever right! While we were enjoying our tea and pizza, we hear drums in the distance and all of a sudden, this parade with drums and horns and people in period costumes cones marching through the square! I can't confirm that they were for the anniversary, but it is a nice thought :)
After brunch, we explored the Duomo itself, which was absolutely breathtaking. Sadly we were not able to go into the baptistery because of restoration reasons or something. Anyways, after hanging out in the Duomo for a while, we wandered over to the Uffizi Gallery- one of Florence's main art museums. The Uffizi Gallery just happens to be right off of the Palazzo Vecchio so we were able to see Michelangelo's David, or at least the copy, and drop into the H&M to buy a birthday dress before our appointed time at Uffizi. The Uffizi Gallery is a must see in Florence. Unfortunately, a good portion of it is being restored, but we were still able to see so much! We saw Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Spring. We also saw a lot of works that I had studied in my art history course last semester! It was really fun to be able to go around the gallery and tell Kenzie about the works :)
From Uffizi, we continued to wander around and explore until we ran into a statue of a boar. Remember this summer when I went to Greenville and saw that boar that gave you luck? Well this was the original! It was really exciting to see and I had completely forgotten it was here! Anyways, I hope it will bring me as much good luck as the one in Greenville did :)
We decided to be very Italian and after exploring and eating our gelato, we headed back to the hotel for a siesta! We then met one of Kenzie's friends from high school and I had some of the best carbonara ever for dinner! 
We are in Rome now and headed to the Vatican today! I will hopefully have enough internet tonight to post not only third, but also a Vatican post :) we will see! Until then XO