Golden Globes and my first days in London

Hello from London!! My first few days here have been hectic but fabulous. We have been getting to know our neighborhood and exploring London, which has been awesome! I am so exciting to be here and can't wait to get to know London even better. In other news, we were not able to watch the Golden Globes because they came on at one am here :( but I was still able to see some of the outfits and here were a couple of my favorites. Have a wonderful Tuesday and I will hopefully have an outfit post up here in the next couple of days! XO

We went into central London yesterday for noodles and exploring
Here I am with my roommate Mckenzie! 

Emilia Clarke

Emma Watson had this surprising back! 

Such a brave, but awesome style choice! 

Michelle Dockery looked amazing in this dress! 

Olivia Wilde has amazing style, which she proved with this beautiful dress while pregnant