Road Trip!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello! I must say, even though I had already seen the Lion King, the show was AMAZING!  Just the costumes by themselves are phenomenal! Everyone was so talented and it was so fun :) Sadly I did not get any cast pictures :( I hope y'all had a fabulous Saturday as well! XO 

Dress: This is my first piece of Lily and I must say it was completely worth it! It was a little cheaper where I bought it, but definitely worth the money because I have gotten so many compliments! Shoes: My adorable Jack Rogers

Bows and polka dots

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello my wonderful readers! How was your week? My week was busy since it was first week of classes, but I am so excited about this semester! This weekend is going to be even more exciting though because when I am not doing homework, I am going to see the traveling Broadway version of the Lion King! I am so excited to see this show and it will be nice to get away from campus for a little bit! Have a wonderful weekend! XO 

Sunglasses: The View on Elm; Pants: I have had these pants for over two years, but I still love them and wear them all the time! Some things are just timeless :) Shoes: My classic black flats; Top: This shirt is new, but I am already in love! How can you not love a shirt with a huge bow in the back?! 

First day of school outfit!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hello! I'm sorry for the breaks between posts, but moving in has been crazy this weekend! I'm finally all settled and today was the first day of classes! I really like all of my classes so far and I hope this semester is not too hard, but we will see :) Depending on my schedule, I might not be posting everyday, but a couple days a week instead. We will see. I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday! 
Shirt: My favorite peplum that worked perfectly with these necklaces; ShortsThese were a great purchase because even though they are bright, they go with everything;  Chain Necklace: One of my purchases from Greenville, that matches my watch and the other necklace! Other Necklace: I have had a hard time with this necklace because it is a kind of awkward length, but I really like it with the mint chain :) Watch: My tort watch is still out of batteries so I am switching off between the mint and silver ones; Sparkly bracelet: one of my favorite purchases from Bauble bar; Wrap bracelet: I was hesitant at first about the wrap bracelet trend, but I have ended up wearing this one a lot. It is very versatile and fun. Cuffs: My cuff bracelets are both from Jewel Mint and are very good for stacking bracelets! 

Fabulous Pink Polka Dots

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today was another rainy day, but it was ok because I wore this super cute, bright dress that I bought on my trip to Greenville. I was kind of worried it would be too girly and I wouldn't have anything to wear with it, but I really like it with black. The shoes are solid and my jewelry was pretty simple, which balanced out the girly part of the dress. I leave for school on Saturday, so there is a lot of packing to be done. If I don't get a chance to blog or wear anything other than jeans and a tshirt, please excuse me for a couple of days! But don't worry, I will be back before you know it :) XO

Glasses: My beautiful black and tort frames from The View on Elm; Dress: This is from an adorable boutique in Charlotte, I linked their facebook page. This dress is going to be perfect for football games! Necklace: My particular necklace is a hand-me-down from my mom and is simple black beads, but it was perfect for this outfit. I found two other relatively simple strands here and hereShoes: These shoes are fabulous! They are swede like material, lace up black wedges. They are extremely comfortable and go with everything from this dress to jeans to a sweater dress and tights! Watch: My battery for my Michael Kors watch died! So for the time being I will be wearing this simple silver watch from fossil. 

Rainy day fun

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It has been dreadful and rainy here lately, but it is also nice because I had the chance to use my new umbrella! This fabulous clear bubble is from Target and comes in a variety of colors. Go get yours now! XO 

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon

Monday, August 19, 2013

I had a wonderful afternoon today spent reading 902 pages of fall fashion in this month's Vogue and drinking a delicious very berry hibiscus refresher from Starbucks. A delightful day to spend a rainy afternoon! XO

Shirt: My first item from Vineyard Vines and I have to say that I absolutely adore it! Plus it was on sale ;) 
Jeans: I seem to always be wearing these jeans, good thing I invested in some new ones yesterday! 

What is up with this weather?!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

If you didn't already know, I live in the South and during August it is normally in the high 90s and so humid you can't spend too long outside. However, for the past couple of days it has been in the low 70s and raining! I had to pull out jeans and warmer cardigans from the depths of my closet! Anyways, I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend and since I didn't post yesterday, you get two outfits today! XO


Necklace: Probably my favorite necklace right now.
Cardigan: A fabulous cardigan to transition my summer wardrobe into fall.
Tshirt: A new tshirt that I just ordered from Madewell that I am in love with.
Jeans: My favorite cropped jeans because they are high waisted and the perfect color
Shoes: Ahhh I bought these on sale at the beginning of the summer and I haven't had the chance to wear them. The link is to similarly spiky smoking slippers, but man do I feel awesome wearing these!


Necklace: A wonderful pop of color for any outfit and it looks like three necklaces, but is actually only one!
Top: My adorable short sleeved button down
Pullover: This pullover is a cashmere one from JCrew. It is a little pricey, but definitely worth the investment because it is very warm, but thin so great for layering.
Jeans: same jeans as before :)
Shoes: I couldn't find these exact oxfords because I've had them for four years! They are so comfortable that last year in England, I wore them almost every day when we were walking for 5 or 6 hours at a time! Here are two similar ones, one from Madewell and one from JCrew if you want to splurge :)

It's Friday!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Friday! This week was definitely bittersweet because yesterday was my last day at work for the summer! Summer has gone by so fast, I can't believe I move in next weekend! Anyways, this upcoming week is going to be very busy prepping for school so my plan is to just relax this weekend and have fun with the family before I leave! I hope you have exciting and fun plans for this weekend! XO

Necklace: This necklace and the bracelet are both from my trip to Greenville. I am sorry it is kind of hard to see and I will try and post close ups of them soon :) 
Jacket: This is a similar jacket from Zara, but suit jackets are such a stable for me bot hat work and in general! 
Watch: I was a little hesitant when buying this watch because I didn't know if I would wear it, but it has been perfect for summer! 
Dress: A great fit and flare dress that is made of a slightly thicker fabric so I will definitely be able to transition it into winter. 
Shoes: These are my new Jack Rogers that I finally bought after much prodding from my sister. I must say, they are surprisingly comfortable and it made sense to get them since they were on sale at Nordstrom's :) 
Orange Bracelet: I know you can't see this, but this bracelet is actually in the shape of an elephant! 

National Left Handers Day and an Outfit

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hello! I am such a bad blogger and left handed person because I completely forgot that today (August 13) was National Left Handers Day! A whole holiday just for left handed people, how exciting! Today, I also wore one of my new dresses from my excursion to Greenville this past weekend, which was equally exciting. Maybe next year I can remember my own holiday and better celebrate it :) I might even throw a party or something for my fellow left handed members of society! XO

Sunglasses: The View on Elm, my favorite place for glasses although I'm a little biased since I work there :)  Necklace: I couldn't find my necklace, but as I was searching through the sale section of Anthropologie, I found this amazing necklace that has been significantly marked down! I though y'all might enjoy that :) Cardigan: My cardigan is sadly very old and I couldn't find it anywhere. However, I did find two other cardigans with lace details that are very cute here and here.  Dress: My dress is from a boutique called Blush in Charlotte with clothes almost as cute as its name! Belt: This belt is just a black ribbon that I tied around the seam of the dress and then put the bow in the back. This is a really easy way to make a really cute belt and I just bought the ribbon at Michael's! Computer Case: Normally I end up splurging a little bit on things concerning my technology because I want them to be protected, but this has to be the most practical and fashionable laptop case I have ever had! It even has a pocket that fits my headphones! Shoes: My all time favorite flats from Madewell!


I am back from girls' weekend in Greenville, SC and man was it a blast! Mom and I did lots of shopping and lots of eating. Greenville is a lovely city and if you are thinking of going away for the weekend, I would definitely recommend Greenville. There was so much to do! We strolled down Main Street checking out local shops, ate at a couple very delicious local restaurants, saw Pirates of Penzance performed by a local group, and even went to a cooking class! It was wonderful and wait until you see some of my new things! Here are some pictures of the highlights and have a wonderful Tuesday! XO

A boar statue based on one in
 Florence that is good luck
if you rub it's snout and
your wish will come true
if you put a coin in its mouth
and the coin falls into the
Hopefully my wish will come true! 

Our fabulous teacher at cooking class! 

Panko crusted chicken, pimento cheese grits,
and bread and butter pickles
Peach upside down cake! 

Pale Pink and Black

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello! Hump day was rather boring for me today. I didn't really do anything other than work, but I'm trying to take it easy before this weekend. Tomorrow, Mom and I are driving to Greenville, South Carolina for girls weekend! I am very excited to have a nice relaxing and fun weekend with Mom before I go back to school. It is also exciting because we are planning on doing some back to school shopping in Greenville and on the drive down there! I will definitely have pictures! Also, I am working on the pictures from vacation, but there are so many of them! It is so time consuming to sort and label all of them! Hopefully I will have some of them up soon! XO 

Cardigan: My mom bought this cardigan, but didn't like it, so I got it! I really love the color and it will be a nice summery color to include in my winter wardrobe. 
Shirt: This is just a simple black tee from JCrew, but it is very comfortable and fits very well. 
Skirt: This is my first pencil skirt, but I really like it because it is so versatile! It is perfect for work and surprisingly comfortable. 
Belt: A very nice belt because I  can wear it around my waist and around my hips. It was nice for this outfit to break up all of the black.
Shoes: True ballet flats that are perfect for almost any outfit. 
Necklace: My mom's friend makes jewelry and this is from her. Normally I don't like long necklaces, but this one really adds some diversity to a simple outfit. Also some of the beads are lava stones, which are very cool.
Watch: My handy dandy watch
Gold cuff: One of my few Jewelmint purchases, but it is very nice because I can wear it with any outfit- casual or otherwise. 
Cream bangle: I bought this bracelet during a huge Kate Spade sale last year and I really like it because the waves are unexpected and add a nice dimension to my bracelet stack. 
Sparkle Bracelet: Probably my favorite bracelet currently because it is so fun by itself, but also is easy to mix and match
Silver Cuffs: These silver cuffs are David Yurman that my mom gave to me because she doesn't wear them any more. I love wearing them because they make me think of her and they help class up any outfit. 
Purse: My handy dandy Kate Spade. Sorry I normally don't have other purses and bags on here, but this bag is so perfect for ever situation that I almost never carry anything else! 

Sunday Brunch

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello! I completely forgot to post about brunch yesterday! Normally, we aren't really into brunch, but yesterday we had a fabulous brunch on the golf course! I had french toast and grits and it was the perfect start to a wonderful Sunday. I hope y'all are having an excellent Monday! XO

Necklace: So this necklace was on super sale when I bought it and it's not even listed online anymore :( However, the link is to a very cute neon necklace also from JCrew and also on sale! 
Shirt: Probably my new favorite button down because it's so versatile! Also check out the awesome skirt it is paired with online! 
Belt: My fabulous pink belt!
Skirt: My first jean skirt in a very long time and I am really enjoying it :)
Shoes: My trusty Sam Edelman sandals
Watch: My lovely Michael Kors

Two Outfits in One!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hello! I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend so far! XO

Necklace: One of my new favorite necklaces especially since it matches this belt so perfectly! 
Shirt: A perfect blouse for mixing and matching because it is so neutral, but still fun
Cardigan: My absolute favorite cardigan- I wear it so much that it is starting to wear out
Belt: My first neon belt, but I'm loving it
Pants: Easy cigarette jeans that go great with everything
Shoes: My favorite flats from Madewell! 

Necklace: Equally cute ones here and here
Shirt: My favorite, most comfortable tshirt
Shorts: I couldn't find these :( but I think I might like these even better! 

Mad Men inspired dress

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Friday! I hope your week has been lovely; mine definitely was relaxing, but summer is going by so quickly! I am very excited for school to start again and for winter clothes! I love layering and sweaters :) Have a wonderful day XO

Necklace: My favorite new necklace from J.Crew- how have I not bought jewelry from them before?!
Dress: I love this dress! It makes me feel like I just walked out of Mad Men :)
Belt: I don't wear a lot of brown, but this is probably one of the most versatile belts. I wear it with everything! 
Navy bracelet: I love this wrap bracelet, it really helps me add a little edge to an outfit
Watch: My beautiful Michael Kors
Spike Bracelet: One of my summer bauble bar purchases :) 
Shoes: A great alternative to nude, cream; the link is for two tone nude and cream :) 

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