I'm back!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello! I'm back from vacation! Hopefully I will upload my pictures from the trip by the end of the week, but I haven't labeled them and organized them yet. Anyways, vacation was fabulous, but I am very happy to be home! Today was my first day back at work, which was nice. I will tell you more about my trip once I upload the pictures. In other exciting news, I thought I would introduce my adorable boston terrier, Fuzzle! Hopefully you will see him a couple more times before I go back to school! XO

Glasses:The View on Elm; Necklace: similar from Bauble Bar, bur originally from Anthropologie; Top: My favorite jean shirt from Anthropologie; Jacket: The perfect summer blazer;  Pants: so my pants are old and I couldn't find the exact pair. However, I found three floral pants on sale at Anthropologie, where I got them originally. Check them out here, here, and hereShoes: These are my only shoes from shoemint, but they have served me very well; Bag: oh my goodness I ordered this bag with a discount code before I left for vacation and I thought about it the entire time I was away! It is a pretty simple leather tote and I got it monogrammed for ten dollars! I am so excited to incorporate a new bag into my wardrobe :) 

Making my own trail mix

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hello!! Sadly this will be my last post for a while unless I have time tomorrow morning before my flight. But don't fret! I will be back in August with tons of posts and lots of pretty pictures from my trip! Today, Mom and I made our own trail mix to take with us on our trip. It was very easy and such a good idea because I always end up throwing away half my trail mix because I don't like it. So in mine I put macadamia nuts (a new discover of mine), pecans, pistachios, peanut butter chips, dark chocolate chips, cranberries, and yellow raisins. I am so excited to try it out! What do you like in your trail mix? XO 

Rocking the neutrals

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello! Today was such a busy day with packing for the trip! But to break up all of the packing and laundry, the family and I went out to a lovely dinner at a local restaurant. It was fabulous and hopefully an omen of good food to come on my trip! XO

Glasses: The View on Elm
Necklace: J.Crew
Top: Here is a similar top from Anthropologie. I bought this top over a year ago 
Pants: Some of my favorite pants from J.Crew...they are the same as the emerald ones I wore the other day
Shoes: These are my only shoes from Shoemint and they aren't the most comfortable, but man do I feel snazzy when I wear them!  

Two outfits!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sunglasses: The View on Elm
Necklace: One of my new favorite accessories from Bauble bar
Jacket: This jacket was from Anthropologie, but it is old. However, here is a cute one, also from Anthro, that I think is adorable! 
Dress: I have had this dress for a while, but was hesitant to wear it because it is a thicker material which didn't really seem suited for summer. However, it was fabulous! The material helped the dress hold its shape and made it very cute and swingy all day! 
Watch: Michael Kors- definitely worth every cent, I've had mine for three years and I wear it almost everyday and I haven't even replaced the battery yet
Shoes: These shoes are old and from a boutique, but here are two nude pumps from Nordstrom's that are pretty cute! Here and here

Hello readers! I'm sorry I haven't posted for the past two days, but life has been very busy with work! So here are two outfits in one post for you! In other news, on Monday, I leave for Turkey and the Black Sea for 14 days! I am so very excited, but I will not have any Internet :( that means no blog posts until August! But don't worry, when I come back, there will be lots of new posts and new outfits! Have a wonderful Friday! XO 

Glasses: The View on Elm
Cardigan: My absolute favorite cardigan because it is longer and has pockets!
Top: I haven't had the chance to wear this  top very much, but it is very comfortable
Pants: These don't come in this fabulous emerald any more, but I also have them in black and would highly recommend them. I have never been a fan of dress pants or nice cigarette pants, but these are very comfortable and versatile. I do have to wear heels in them though otherwise I look even shorter!
Shoes: These are my only pair of Jessica Simpson shoes and they are old, but for being so high, they are extremely comfortable. If you are looking for a tall platform shoe on a budget, I would definitely check them out here
Purse: Oh my goodness! My purse is fifty percent off on Kate Spade here and here!

Layering necklaces and neon pink

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Tuesday! XO

Necklace 1: My back order necklace from Bauble bar has finally arrived!
Necklace 2: Also from Bauble bar and very cute
Dress: similar here because mine is from a boutique that doesn't have a website :( White/ cream dress is a necessity for summer! 
Belt: My new favorite belt! From J.Crew
Jacket: similar one here from Zara that is very cute
Sunglasses: The View on Elm! 

4th of July and blueberry picking

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hello! Yes, I am aware that I currently have a very large obsession with J.Crew, but I'll work on mixing it up for you :) How were y'all's 4th of July weekends? Mine was awesome- very relaxing, but fun. Yesterday, Mom and I went blueberry picking, which I must say was very fun and easy. We only picked for an hour and we ended up with 10 pounds of blueberries! Happy Sunday! XO 

Necklace: J.Crew
Top: J.Crew
Belt: J.Crew
Skirt: Francescas- not my favorite store, but I really like this skirt!
Shoes: Sam Edelman's

Blue and seer sucker

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello! It's Friday again, finally! My Friday has been absolutely beautiful! Today was the first day it didn't rain in I don't know how many days! I had a nice relaxed lunch with the family before going to see Despicable Me 2...it was phenomenal and absolutely hilarious! Then I made more homemade pita chips to go with our guacamole and shrimp kabobs for dinner! I can't wait to see what other exciting things we will do tomorrow :) XO 

Shirt: This has got to be my favorite tshirt! The color hasn't faded at all and I've washed it twice! It is really long which is nice and very soft! Definitely the perfect tshirt! 
Cardigan: OK my cardigan is not sold online anymore :( but these two are very similar if you combine them! here and here
Shorts: My new seersucker, which I am really starting to enjoy! 
Shoes: My new Sam Edelman Gigi's because my lime green ones are falling apart :( I have to say these are some of the most comfortable sandals and they are so cute! 
Bracelet 1: Baublebar...gotta love it! Plus they are having a sale this weekend! You should sign up for emails if you have ever bought something there because you get lots of promotional/sales things in emails! 
Bracelet 2: AHH my adorable bow bracelet! Love it! 

Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Good evening readers! Happy 4th of July! My 4th was very relaxing- I just hung out with my family at home. For dinner though, we went to the club and had a lovely cook out. It was really nice, plus they had this awesome cardboard statue of liberty that my sister and I are standing in front of. Happy 4th and have a wonderful rest of your evening! 

Necklace: my necklace is old and I borrowed it from my mom a while ago and haven't quite gotten around to returning it :). However, here are two other red, festive necklaces! 1 and 2
Shirt: My shirt is peplum (kind of hard to tell from the picture) and a nice fabric. It is a little thicker, which was not so great today when I was sitting outside, but it holds it shape very well. 
Shorts: my shorts are again old, but here is a link to just plain jean shorts. 
Shoes: My shoes are Jack Rogers. I actually don't own a pair of Jacks, but I borrowed these from my sister. They were surprisingly comfy and I would definitely consider buying some in the future. 

Bright and sunny despite the weather!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It was raining and miserable here today and yesterday. So I decided to brighten up my day with some of my new peppy J.Crew purchases! I hope y'all are having a good week and get excited about the 4th tomorrow! XO
Necklace: Maybe my new favorite necklace...helps me toughen up any outfit! From Courtney Kerr's collection for Baublebar! 
Glasses: As always, my glasses are from The View on Elm and yes, they are real :) 
Coat: I have a really hard time finding raincoats! This one is old that I found buried in the sale room at the Anthro. Here are three cute ones I just saw at JCrew! 1,2,3
Shirt: This shirt is old from J.Crew I think, similar one here, but it is comfortable and versatile! 
Belt: AHH I just got this and I am so excited! A hot pink belt is so easy when I want to spruce up an outfit! Plus they come in a bunch of different colors! 
Skirt: As you may have noticed, I'm not a big skirt person, but this one was just too cute to resist! 
Shoes: My new ballet flats are again Bloch, check out Monday's post to see where to buy them! 

Google reader

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hey guys! Just a reminder that google reader's service ended yesterday. So don't forget to change all of your blogs to Bloglovin! Follow leftylivinglife through bloglovin by going Here! Have a wonderful Tuesday!! XO

Seer sucker and flowers

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Monday! OK not really because its Monday, but still! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. Today is my day off so it is still kind of the weekend for me, but I still have lots on my to do list today! Have a fabulous Monday and don't let the Monday blues get you down! 

Necklace: Here are two similar, but equally cute necklaces since mine is older. 1 and 2
Top: I couldn't find this top in navy, but I found it in a light gray, which seemed more appropriate for summer! 1 and 2 
Bag: My long champ! I love it because it's waterproof and so good for travel. I would only buy them duty free though because they are so much cheaper! If you want to look at them go here
Bracelet 1: The navy one is from The View on Elm
Bracelet 2: The sparkly one is from Baublebar- my new favorite place for jewelry! 
Shorts: These are another purchase from my JCrew shopping adventure on Friday. They are adorable and so summery! Also my first piece of seer sucker :) Find them here. 
Shoes: I also got these shoes on a shopping adventure this weekend because everyone was having sales! I bought them at a local store called Main and Taylor, but they are made by a brand named Bloch who also makes real ballet shoes. Needless to say they are very comfortable! Shop for them here maybe? 

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