Two outfits and 70 degree weather

Hello! The family and I started the weekend early and headed to the cottage this morning. I am so excited for this weekend because we are having holiday dinners with friends tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. It is going to be a very social weekend to say the least! Also, we are having record highs and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the mid-70s! I hope y'all have fun weekend plans and I would love to hear about them so comment or email me at! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading! XO 

Outfit 1:
Sunglasses: These sunglasses make me feel like a movie star! Everyone needs at least one pair of fabulous sunglasses
Shirt: This is a great layering piece because it is short sleeves so stick out the bottom and the collar shows, but doesn't interfere with the sleeves
Sweater: OK, I picked up this fabulous detailed sweatshirt at J.Crew and it already is gone from the website! I would definitely check out the sale room at your J.Crew, but here are two other options...option 1 and option 2
Jeans: A great transition pair of jeans because they are cropped. 
Shoes: These ballet flats are insanely comfy and adorable 

Outfit 2:
Dress: I am still obsessed with this dress even though I have had for a while now! 
Cardigan: This cardigan is warm enough that I can use it as a layering piece, but still wear it year round! It is almost a daily part of my wardrobe. 
Necklace: Love this necklace for that extra oomph to any outfit
Belt: This belt is perfect because it is long enough to wear any where, but not too obtrusive.