Slouchy sweaters and Thanksgiving traditions

Hello! The countdown to Thanksgiving is on!! Only 8 more days! Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday because there are no expectations and you get to enjoy awesome food and family at the same time! I am very excited about Thanksgiving this year because I am going to help my mom make the turkey and all of the rest of the food! I love cooking, but normally on Thanksgiving I am busy studying for finals. But this year, I'm taking a break to help cook. Thanksgiving at our house is always a little crazy because we make enough food to feed an army, but there are only four of us. Also, we have this weird tradition of watching the Godfather. But no matter how weird, I love Thanksgiving with my family. Do y'all have any fun and quirky Thanksgiving traditions? Happy hump day and have a wonderful rest of the week! XO 

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