Layers of knit

Hello! Man was it beautiful today and I finally got my hair into a bun! All in all a great day! Even though the sun was out, it was very windy so I just kept piling on layers. I know it is kind of hard to see, but  I am wearing a t-shirt under my leather jacket under my sweater. I was very cozy and felt like  I was wearing a blanket.  I think that a sweater that feels like a blanket is a necessity in everyone's wardrobe because sometimes you want to look cute, but still be cuddly. This has been a very crazy week so I am glad it is almost Friday, plus only twelve days until Thanksgiving break! Yay!  I love Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday! Have a wonderful evening and a great weekend. XO 

Glasses, Scarf: two different cozy knit options- 1 and 2, Sweater, Leather jacket: I couldn't find the right style and all leather so here are a couple of different combos of the two-  12 and 3, t-shirt, Jeans, Boots