I'm back and with THREE outfits!

Hi! I'm finally back! I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long, but midterms are killer! However, I'm going to make it up to you! I have three outfits- some how I have still managed to look cute through midterms :) and I have a new article up on Her Campus. Hopefully now that school is calming down again, I can post more regularly and frequently! I hope y'all are having a wonderful beginning to your week and maybe I'll see you tomorrow :) XO

It was so beautiful last week that I had to bust out some of my super bright clothes :) 
Shirt: One of my favorite t-shirts because the color never fades; Pants: My pants are old, but here are two floral pant options, one and two. I like the first ones A LOT! Shoes: Keds by Madewell!

It was still hot this past weekend, but I was ready for some more fall looks! 
Necklace: This is probably one of my favorite necklaces because it makes an outfit edgier without being too out there; Glasses:The View on Elm; Shirt: One my many chambray shirts :) Belt: A classic skinny brown belt is vital in your wardrobe because if helps break up colors; Skirt: This skirt is very old, but it is still serving me well as a classic, but fun black skirt; Boots:Oh my gosh! I just bought these boots and I can't seem to stop wearing them! I absolutely adore them!  Orange Cuff: One of my purchases from my trip to Greenville this summer

Finally! Fall is here and I am loving all of my flannel- I think have worn flannel everyday for the past three days! 
Shirt: I love flannel! It is the perfect winter staple. I like to buy mine a little big so I can wear them with leggings. Here are two options, one and two, and Madewell has a bunch of different colors; Leggings:I pick up leggings whenever I see them in stores so I never run out :) Rain Boots: Hunters are worth every penny. It is important to have a pair of cute and practical rain boots, which perfectly describes Hunters. Umbrella: My favorite part of any rainy day is using my awesome umbrella!