Royal blue and pearls

Hello! Although our summer was not very warm and very rainy, it has finally warmed up this past week. It is so nice to be wearing shorts when walking from class to class! In other news, I am writing a how to fashion blog for my school's section of Her Campus and I will hopefully be posting of linking the articles here! Get excited for this weeks article on how to do a top knot! I know, kind of a silly topic since I can't do a top knot, but my friend has lots of hair so she volunteered to model for me :) Have a wonderful and fun filled Friday! XO

Glasses: my trusty glasses that go with everything; Shirt: I love button downs, but this is definitely my favorite one, the color is fantastic! Necklace: J.Crew pearls; Shorts: not quite the same, but I think I like the linked shorts better! Watch: My watch is back with new batteries! Cuffs: Jewelmint has great layering jewelry! Sparkly bracelet: Bauble Bar