New outfit, new her campus article, and patent leather

Hello readers! Happy Friday and thank goodness! I don't think I would have made it another day because I have been sick all week, yucky! However, today I am finally starting to feel better so I put together a cute outfit and everything! I am pretty excited because I look pretty awesome if I do say so myself :) In another news, I had another article published on her campus about mixing patterns! Check it out here and just by the way, none of the pictures are mine but are courtesy of other bloggers on Pinterest! Finally, today in 1819 Patent Leather was made for the first time in Newark! And who doesn't LOVE patent leather?! That's all for today :) XO

Shirt: This shirt is secretly pin stripe but it is rather hard to see in the picture :( however, it is the perfect button down because it is still feminine; Belt: My favorite hot pink belt;  Shorts: Fabulous and polka dots that my mom lent me for the rest of the summer/fall! Bracelet: This bracelet came in the mail yesterday from J.Crew! I am so excited to use it for layering :) Shoes: surprisingly versatile and comfortable Jack Rodgers; Umbrella: Did I mention earlier that it rained today? Well it did and it was very unexpected :( but I was prepared! 
Close up of new bracelet