Bringing in fall with maxi dresses and scarves!

Hello and happy Friday! I am so glad it's Friday because it has been such a long week! I had two tests and wasn't really feeling like dressing cute, so jeans and graphic t-shirts were my uniform. I had been feeling rather grunge, which is super fun sometimes, but I decided to dress up today to make up for my less than exciting wardrobe this week. Ta-da! Maxi dress and chunky heels! A super easy combo, but also super comfy and fun. I also tried a couple of different ways to take pictures to show off my jewelry more. My friend and I, at school, are going to start experimenting a little more with pictures, so bear with us! I hope y'all have had a wonderful week and a fabulous start to your weekend! XO 

Scarf: My favorite infinity scarf! I couldn't find the same one, but the color scheme is similar. I also go to Anthropologie or Target for scarves! Earrings: mine are vintage that a friend gave me for my birthday; Dress: a fabulous and versatile maxi dress from gap; Shirt: classic chambray Socks: awesome polka dot socks from Madewell! Heels: chunky heels are always a fall staple for me in the fall :) Link braceletWatchCuffsWrap BraceletSparkly braceletGlasses.