Pale Pink and Black

Hello! Hump day was rather boring for me today. I didn't really do anything other than work, but I'm trying to take it easy before this weekend. Tomorrow, Mom and I are driving to Greenville, South Carolina for girls weekend! I am very excited to have a nice relaxing and fun weekend with Mom before I go back to school. It is also exciting because we are planning on doing some back to school shopping in Greenville and on the drive down there! I will definitely have pictures! Also, I am working on the pictures from vacation, but there are so many of them! It is so time consuming to sort and label all of them! Hopefully I will have some of them up soon! XO 

Cardigan: My mom bought this cardigan, but didn't like it, so I got it! I really love the color and it will be a nice summery color to include in my winter wardrobe. 
Shirt: This is just a simple black tee from JCrew, but it is very comfortable and fits very well. 
Skirt: This is my first pencil skirt, but I really like it because it is so versatile! It is perfect for work and surprisingly comfortable. 
Belt: A very nice belt because I  can wear it around my waist and around my hips. It was nice for this outfit to break up all of the black.
Shoes: True ballet flats that are perfect for almost any outfit. 
Necklace: My mom's friend makes jewelry and this is from her. Normally I don't like long necklaces, but this one really adds some diversity to a simple outfit. Also some of the beads are lava stones, which are very cool.
Watch: My handy dandy watch
Gold cuff: One of my few Jewelmint purchases, but it is very nice because I can wear it with any outfit- casual or otherwise. 
Cream bangle: I bought this bracelet during a huge Kate Spade sale last year and I really like it because the waves are unexpected and add a nice dimension to my bracelet stack. 
Sparkle Bracelet: Probably my favorite bracelet currently because it is so fun by itself, but also is easy to mix and match
Silver Cuffs: These silver cuffs are David Yurman that my mom gave to me because she doesn't wear them any more. I love wearing them because they make me think of her and they help class up any outfit. 
Purse: My handy dandy Kate Spade. Sorry I normally don't have other purses and bags on here, but this bag is so perfect for ever situation that I almost never carry anything else!