National Left Handers Day and an Outfit

Hello! I am such a bad blogger and left handed person because I completely forgot that today (August 13) was National Left Handers Day! A whole holiday just for left handed people, how exciting! Today, I also wore one of my new dresses from my excursion to Greenville this past weekend, which was equally exciting. Maybe next year I can remember my own holiday and better celebrate it :) I might even throw a party or something for my fellow left handed members of society! XO

Sunglasses: The View on Elm, my favorite place for glasses although I'm a little biased since I work there :)  Necklace: I couldn't find my necklace, but as I was searching through the sale section of Anthropologie, I found this amazing necklace that has been significantly marked down! I though y'all might enjoy that :) Cardigan: My cardigan is sadly very old and I couldn't find it anywhere. However, I did find two other cardigans with lace details that are very cute here and here.  Dress: My dress is from a boutique called Blush in Charlotte with clothes almost as cute as its name! Belt: This belt is just a black ribbon that I tied around the seam of the dress and then put the bow in the back. This is a really easy way to make a really cute belt and I just bought the ribbon at Michael's! Computer Case: Normally I end up splurging a little bit on things concerning my technology because I want them to be protected, but this has to be the most practical and fashionable laptop case I have ever had! It even has a pocket that fits my headphones! Shoes: My all time favorite flats from Madewell!