I am back from girls' weekend in Greenville, SC and man was it a blast! Mom and I did lots of shopping and lots of eating. Greenville is a lovely city and if you are thinking of going away for the weekend, I would definitely recommend Greenville. There was so much to do! We strolled down Main Street checking out local shops, ate at a couple very delicious local restaurants, saw Pirates of Penzance performed by a local group, and even went to a cooking class! It was wonderful and wait until you see some of my new things! Here are some pictures of the highlights and have a wonderful Tuesday! XO

A boar statue based on one in
 Florence that is good luck
if you rub it's snout and
your wish will come true
if you put a coin in its mouth
and the coin falls into the
Hopefully my wish will come true! 

Our fabulous teacher at cooking class! 

Panko crusted chicken, pimento cheese grits,
and bread and butter pickles
Peach upside down cake!