First day of school outfit!

Hello! I'm sorry for the breaks between posts, but moving in has been crazy this weekend! I'm finally all settled and today was the first day of classes! I really like all of my classes so far and I hope this semester is not too hard, but we will see :) Depending on my schedule, I might not be posting everyday, but a couple days a week instead. We will see. I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday! 
Shirt: My favorite peplum that worked perfectly with these necklaces; ShortsThese were a great purchase because even though they are bright, they go with everything;  Chain Necklace: One of my purchases from Greenville, that matches my watch and the other necklace! Other Necklace: I have had a hard time with this necklace because it is a kind of awkward length, but I really like it with the mint chain :) Watch: My tort watch is still out of batteries so I am switching off between the mint and silver ones; Sparkly bracelet: one of my favorite purchases from Bauble bar; Wrap bracelet: I was hesitant at first about the wrap bracelet trend, but I have ended up wearing this one a lot. It is very versatile and fun. Cuffs: My cuff bracelets are both from Jewel Mint and are very good for stacking bracelets!