Seer sucker and flowers

Happy Monday! OK not really because its Monday, but still! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. Today is my day off so it is still kind of the weekend for me, but I still have lots on my to do list today! Have a fabulous Monday and don't let the Monday blues get you down! 

Necklace: Here are two similar, but equally cute necklaces since mine is older. 1 and 2
Top: I couldn't find this top in navy, but I found it in a light gray, which seemed more appropriate for summer! 1 and 2 
Bag: My long champ! I love it because it's waterproof and so good for travel. I would only buy them duty free though because they are so much cheaper! If you want to look at them go here
Bracelet 1: The navy one is from The View on Elm
Bracelet 2: The sparkly one is from Baublebar- my new favorite place for jewelry! 
Shorts: These are another purchase from my JCrew shopping adventure on Friday. They are adorable and so summery! Also my first piece of seer sucker :) Find them here. 
Shoes: I also got these shoes on a shopping adventure this weekend because everyone was having sales! I bought them at a local store called Main and Taylor, but they are made by a brand named Bloch who also makes real ballet shoes. Needless to say they are very comfortable! Shop for them here maybe?