Happy 4th of July!

Good evening readers! Happy 4th of July! My 4th was very relaxing- I just hung out with my family at home. For dinner though, we went to the club and had a lovely cook out. It was really nice, plus they had this awesome cardboard statue of liberty that my sister and I are standing in front of. Happy 4th and have a wonderful rest of your evening! 

Necklace: my necklace is old and I borrowed it from my mom a while ago and haven't quite gotten around to returning it :). However, here are two other red, festive necklaces! 1 and 2
Shirt: My shirt is peplum (kind of hard to tell from the picture) and a nice fabric. It is a little thicker, which was not so great today when I was sitting outside, but it holds it shape very well. 
Shorts: my shorts are again old, but here is a link to just plain jean shorts. 
Shoes: My shoes are Jack Rogers. I actually don't own a pair of Jacks, but I borrowed these from my sister. They were surprisingly comfy and I would definitely consider buying some in the future.