Shades of blue and layered necklaces!

Hello lovely readers! It was a beautiful day here for the most part, although I didn't get to enjoy much of it because I was inside all day! I was so proud of this outfit because of the necklace. It is actually two separate necklaces that I layered and I felt so cool! Hope you are having a good start to your weekend! 

Basically everything is old, but I found a couple similar and cute things 
Shirt: I found three great shirts that are also from Anthropologie that are striped- 1, 2, and
Necklace 1: As you have probably noticed, I am slightly obsessed with Anthro jewelry. Just a word of advice though, it is all really fun and pretty, but sometimes very delicate. So I would recommend going to the store and seeing how it is made before buying it! 1, 2, 3, 4
Necklace 2 (gold one): This was a gift and I haven't found a lot of ways to wear it, but I like it with this