New lace dress- looking awesome and professional

Good evening my awesome readers! How was your day? Did you do anything fun? My day was nice and uneventful- I worked all day and as usual had lunch with Mom :). My outfit is a hodgepodge of old pieces and things from small boutiques. I tried to find similar things for you, but I wasn't extremely successful :( Have a wonderful evening and I'll see you tomorrow! XO 

Dress: This one is very similar and I think very cute
Belt: This is the exact same belt, but a different color and mine has a fox for the buckle instead of a bee 
Jacket: I love blazers! I wear mine all the time! Mine is old AND from a boutique, but I have heard great things about Zara blazers. This one is from Zara and is on sale if you want it! 
Glasses: As always, my glasses are from The View on Elm. And just to answer your question, yes they are real, I need them to see basically anything!