Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm back from England! And one of the best things about the whole trip happened on the last day. I was walking down the street in Edinburgh, Scotland and a Scottish woman stopped me and told me she loved my "wellies"! I was so excited, I almost hugged her! Here are my rain boots, they are hunters.

Moving on to even more fabulous things, I went shopping at Anthropology today! I bought the cuttest pair of earrings and this really cute blouse...What do y'all think? 

From London continued....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ok so still in London, but I thought the other post was long enough ;) While I have been here, I have obviously been checking out new styles and trends. Basically, layer, trench coats, tights, and oxfords. It is cold here- around 65 Fahrenheit everyday. However, these Londoners still want to show off their summer wardrobe, so they just add tights to everything. Then throw on your oxfords and your trench, grab an umbrella and you're ready! Possible fall ideas?? What do you guys think?

From London :D

Hello lovelies! I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long, but I have been enjoying the English country side! Now we are in London and I have so much to tell you! First, if you are looking for a good book to read, I would highly recommend A Discovery of Witches. It is by Deborah Harkness and you could definitely find it at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon. Yes this book does fit into the new vampire/witches/fantasy category. However, it is so well written you don't notice for a while. If you don't like it I'll owe you one :).
Roman Baths in Bath
Ok next from my trip! Here are some places I have seen plus my hotel.
Kate Middleton is there if you look :D
Here is my hotel.. isn't it adorable?!
Blenheim Palace

Two Outfits!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hey! How are y'all doing? I'm doing very well and I have two outfit pictures!! Yay!!  However there is bad news because I won't have internet for two weeks. Good part of this is that I will come back and post like a mad woman so be excited! Here are my two outfits with new shoes and necklaces in both! Check out the collar necklace in the second picture at Anthropology!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

So obviously my blog is still developing and everything. In the mean time, you all should go follow me on pinterest :D Here is the link to my pinterest page and I update that almost everyday.

Second Outfit Post

Hello readers! Here is my second outfit post and it has two outfits!! Also, I might post something later today or tomorrow! So yesterday it rained so I got to wear my hunters! And today it is 70! Crazy weather.  Hopefully you guys will comment or follow? I promise to post more so you have more to look at/ read!

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